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Benefits of using Synthetic Oil over Conventional Oil

Your 5,000 miles are up and it’s time to have the oil changed in your car. All is going well until you’re confronted with the choice of a synthetic or a conventional oil. If you’re like most, you may not have any clue what the difference between the two are. The conventional is cheaper, but that isn’t always the best way to make purchasing decisions - especially with an asset as important as your vehicle! Don’t worry, we’ll break down some of the benefits of using synthetic oil that contribute to that increased price.


To begin let’s ask, what does the oil in my car engine do? Simply put, the oil acts as lubricant allowing the parts in your engine to move with one another without friction. If friction builds up it will slow down the running of your engine and can also cause it to overheat. The oil also acts as a cleaner moving throughout the engine picking up bits of dust or dirt preventing build up.


Conventional motor oil is derived from crude oil. Naturally, it has properties that make for an excellent lubricant for your car. However, synthetic oil is refined, distilled, purified and broken down in a laboratory by car engine experts. It is still made from natural gas or crude-oil, but it is put through a chemical reaction that creates uniformly sized molecules. That all sounds great, but what’s the benefit? We’ll show you.


Keep your engine cleaner:


When conventional oil builds up too much dirt and dust it creates sludge that sticks in your engine and bakes in the heat to form a slimy substance that is tough to remove. Hurting the performance of your engine. Synthetic oils are specifically designed with less impurities to prevent the formation of sludge in your engine.


Greater engine wear protection:


In a tough environment your engine can wear down if it is being pushed hard. When your motor oil breaks down the negative effects are magnified. Synthetic oils retain their wear protection properties much longer than conventional oils.


Better Performance in high/low temperatures:


Heat and freezing temperatures can be tough on your motor oil. When your car has been sitting in the cold overnight your motor oil can be slow to start flowing. Because of the uniform size of the molecules in synthetic oil it is much easier to flow smoothly even at very cold temperatures. Heat can cause conventional motor oil to break down and evaporate which exposes the engine to wear and tear in the summer months. Synthetic motor oil is much more heat resistant.


Improved lubrication:


Synthetic oils have added lubricants that allow your engine parts to move much easier than with a conventional oil. The better lubricated your engine the longer it can go without breaking down.


Synthetic motor oil was created specifically by experts as a better solution to maintain vehicle engines. While the cost is more expensive per oil change, the savings are made up through preventing wear and tear on your engine and keeping your car performing at optimal capacity. There is even synthetic blends that will fall somewhere in between in price that will give you some of the benefits of synthetic.


Jiffy Lube is full service with a wide variety of the best manufacturer recommended synthetic motor oils.


Bring your car down for your next oil change and ask our expert technicians to break down how an improved motor oil can benefit your vehicle. As always, no appointment necessary!


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