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Don’t let April Showers Bring a Streaky, Blurry Windshield

Winter is over and it’s time for the rainy season. Are your windshield wipers up for the task? If they aren’t – you may be putting yourself at risk for a serious visibility problem. The streaking, squeaking, skipping and blurred view left behind by faulty windshield wipers may seem like a small annoyance, but in the event of heavy rainfall, could leave you in a seriously dangerous situation.

Imagine it’s late at night and you’re driving down a busy road - when suddenly there is a powerful downpour. Damaged wiper blades will leave you unable to remove the rain quickly enough see where you’re going! On top of that, a damaged wiper blade will leave streaks on your windshield that will remain on your car even after the rain has halted.

Driving with damaged wiper blades is dangerous, annoying and is a much more common problem than realized. During a survey of vehicles going through check lanes during National Car Care month it was found that one in five cars had deficient windshield wipers. These vehicles are a danger to themselves, as well as the cars around them.

Over time, rubber elements in your windshield wiper blades break down due to oxidation and damage from the sun, becoming stiff and brittle. They also wear out from rubbing back and forth across the glass surface so repetitively. If you’ve noticed issues with your wiper blades, make sure that you correct the problem before it gets worse!

Having your wipers replaced isn’t a costly operation, and it can be done quickly and correctly at either of our Jiffy Lube locations in the Quad Cities.

A special chemical treatment can also be applied to exterior glass to help repel the accumulation of rain, snow, sleet and mist. Many Jiffy Lube customers find the treatment improves defogging of the glass, the effectiveness of the wipers and/or the ease of clearing a snow-covered vehicle’s windows.

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