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Now’s a Great Time to be Thinking of your Car’s Braking System


If you’re having issues with the braking system in your car, even if they seem minor, it can have serious ramifications if left unchecked. Roughly a fifth of all car accidents that are caused by issues with the vehicle stem from problems with the breaks. In fact, thousands of people are injured (in many cases fatally) every year due to poor braking systems.


That’s why it is of vital importance that if your car is having a problem in the brake department - you have it looked at immediately. Here are a few signs that your brakes may need some maintenance.


1) Your vehicle warning light is on.   

Lots of cars have brake sensors that will trigger a warning light to let you know there is an issue. Don’t ignore it! Take your car in to get your brakes inspected immediately!


2) Unusual noise when you use your brakes.

If your brakes are grinding, screeching or making another strange sound when you use them, there could be an issue. It may be minor or it could be more serious so either way don’t wait until the sound gets worse to get it checked out.


3) The brakes feel “off” when using them.

If you need to push harder on the brake pad to stop the car, or the car shakes and vibrates when you use there brakes this is a red flag. There may be a piece in your brake system that is defective.


Even if you haven’t experienced one of these problems it is still a good idea to have your brake pads inspected fairly regularly. If you’ve gone 25,000 miles without any work on your brakes it is probably time to at least have a visual inspection and have your brake fluid replaced.


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