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Now’s a Great Time to be Thinking of your Car’s Braking System

  If you’re having issues with the braking system in your car, even if they seem minor, it can have serious ramifications if left unchecked. Roughly a fifth of all car accidents that are caused by issues with the vehicle stem from problems with the breaks. In fact, thousands of people are injured (in many…
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Benefits of using Synthetic Oil over Conventional Oil

Your 5,000 miles are up and it’s time to have the oil changed in your car. All is going well until you’re confronted with the choice of a synthetic or a conventional oil. If you’re like most, you may not have any clue what the difference between the two are. The conventional is cheaper, but…
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Vehicle Maintenance Schedule

Keeping your vehicle healthy is an easy way to keep you and your passengers safe and secure, and Jiffy Lube® is happy to help. The best way to keep your vehicle healthy is by adhering to a vehicle maintenance schedule. Routine attention to its condition helps ward off expensive repairs and keeps it in compliance…
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