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With cold weather on the horizon, it may be the perfect time to switch to synthetic oil over conventional.


Have you been considering making the switch to synthetic oil? If you have, now may be an excellent time to pull the trigger. With temperatures dropping by the day, the benefits of using synthetic oil will become more and more prevalent.



In extreme cold weather, your car’s engine is much more vulnerable to start up issues - especially if you drive an older car. Synthetic oil is not only distilled, but is also purified, refined and broken down in a lab designed specifically to meet the needs of your engine - even in low temperatures. This gives your vehicle a much better chance of starting up in freezing temperatures.


The most noticeable benefit is the enhanced flow of synthetic oil, even in low temperatures. The low viscosity of synthetic oil allows for quicker flow of oil throughout your engine which will prevent your car from locking up, or being unable to start in the winter weather.


Conventional oil also typically contains wax that is prone to thickening during cold weather and preventing unaltered flow throughout the engine. At temperatures of -60 degrees (F) conventional oil will freeze and make starting a vehicle extremely difficult. Synthetic oil is built to withstand this temperature and will still flow smoothly. While temperatures may never get that low, it still shows the difference in resilience against cold weather.


While conventional oil is still the cheaper option of the two, you should also consider the value of having your engine start reliably during those winter days that feature extreme cold temperatures. The cost can also be mitigated with the money you save having a faster engine start, and the improved fuel mileage synthetic can offer.

For more information on the performance differences of synthetic vs. conventional oil read our blog on the subject here. Also, feel free to ask our expert technicians at one of our Jiffy Lube locations if your vehicle type and driving habits make you a candidate for a switch to synthetic.

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